A true hidden gem of the Aegean

Arriving at Ano Koufonisi makes one feel as if stumbling upon a revelation. Immersive serenity reflects on shimmering blue waters and the pristine whiteness of Cycladic architecture radiates under the Greek sun, inviting you to an experience of absolute peace. Discover the authentic beauty of calmness, leave all else behind, and just relax!


Irresistibly authentic island life

The chilled rhythm of island living is a more-than-welcome break from the fast-paced day-to-day, and at Koufonisia it becomes an ode to relaxation and beachside repose. Liberating moments of leisurely calmness in the bright sun rays and revitalizing sea breeze invite you to indulge in you and you alone, to discover, reconnect and enjoy.

for those who seek an authentic
and relaxing experience

Explore the quaint Koufonisia

Fan of splashes and sunbathing, or a watersport aficionado? An explorer of hidden gems or a tranquillity seeker? Whatever gets your holiday wheels turning, at Koufonisia you will find just what you are looking for, away from bustling crowds and dedicated just to you. Cycling, hiking, and island hopping add that summery vibe to your holiday, and you can savour it in sumptuous privacy, at Koufonisia. 


Island Hopping in the Cyclades

From Kato Koufonisi just a few swim strokes away and the exotic uninhabited islets of the Koufonisia complex, to the magnificent Naxos Island, the peaceful Amorgos and the extraordinary Ios, island-hopping from Ano Koufonisi is a thrilling activity bound to add a spring to your step and make your heart skip a beat! Ask us how to reach the nearby islands.